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While we're still getting the place together, we could use some help here on DA and with our PodCast.

:bulletgreen: How to apply as a contributor!


:bulletpurple: Ensure people are submitting photos to the correct folder.
:bulletpurple: Spot check for mature content.
:bulletpurple: Help submit new content and bring in more members.
:bulletpurple: Participate in group events (Cosplayer of the Month).

It's a really easy position and we wouldn't ask for more then 5 minutes of your time a week just to do this. You're probably spending more then that on DA.

How To Apply:

Simply send a note to :iconcelyddon: or :icontifaia: with the title CosPod Contributor. In the note itself state in a few sentences why you would make for a good contributor. That's it! This will be an open position until this blog is updated. We're happy to get any help that we can!

:bulletgreen: How to submit suggestions!

We have a pretty hefty list of topics to cover for cosplay, but we are always open to suggestions. The reason that we're making this podcast is for you all so of course we want to cover things that you all are interested in.

Please tell us! There are no ideas that are too silly or too grand. We're even going so far as to test fiberglass for cosplay, so anything is open to discussion.

Where to suggest.

You can post your suggestions in the comments for this blog or feel free to note the founders.
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Submitted on
December 12, 2011